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A Waterfall Made Of 10,000 Toilets In Foshan, China

A Waterfall Made Of 10,000 Toilets In Foshan, China

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There is a 100-meter long waterfall made of toilet bowls in China.

The artist responsible made it to show that “creativity can change life and ideas” and because it is said that people are generally more relaxed around flowing water.

Not sure if they’re serious or joking.

Situated in Shiwan Park in Foshan, Guangdong Province, the Great Wall of Toilets was constructed using 10,000 toilets forming a grand 100-meter long, 5-meter high artificial waterfall. It was originally designed for the 2009 Foshan Pottery and Porcelain Festival before being installed as a bizarre piece of public art. Interestingly, the toilets used for the project were actually secondhand, donated by private households or by factories as disposable rejects. Imagine how that smells like.

The artist Shu Yong intended his masterpiece to communicate that things considered disgusting like toilets can be transformed into a “beautiful piece of art.” Together with his team, it took him 2 entire months to build the installation, using toilets and wash bins which are connected to a tap to create a cascading waterfall. The installation was praised by the local officials as an icon to draw the world’s attention to Foshan, which is China’s capital for porcelain. Surely, the world will gawk.

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