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Canadians are so Nice They’ll Even Direct Traffic for You

Canadians are so Nice They’ll Even Direct Traffic for You

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Wow, hats off to this random fellow who steeped in to act as a pair of traffic lights, guiding cars, trucks, lorries, and even buses! The random fellow seems to be in his early twenties and shows his braveness and courage as well as his knowledge on traffic safety. Due to his help, traffic seems to be moving in an organized and fluid manner, which is somewhat impossible without traffic lights. He seems to be doing his job really well, even though it is something that should not be done.

Many people seem to be walking past the whole scene, maybe unaware of what is happening and merely concentrating on the rush and noise of the traffic. However, others who can see what is going on stop and watch the whole thing like an entertainment show that is shown live! The worse thing that can happen to a road is the lights going out, especially if it’s during the rush hour. However, with people like this, vehicles can continue to flow a move in a consistent manner.

Due to the fact the guy was not in proper dressing, many drivers beeped and sounded their horn to him – maybe thinking he’s just a teenager in the middle of the road. Overall, drivers were being very supportive and doing exactly what they were commanded to do. In fact, the lorry that drover past provided the fellow with a reflective jacket, which hopefully made other drivers aware of what he was doing. Police arrive at the scene a little later and make a stop to this, as this was the right thing for them to do. However, until it lasted no accidents or injuries were caused and the man even got a souvenir (the reflective jacket) to take back with him – hopefully always reminding him of his courage and bravery.

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