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Britain’s Mysterious Coin-Studded Wishing Trees

Britain’s Mysterious Coin-Studded Wishing Trees

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Superstitions have always been a part of human culture. From tossing a coin into a fountain to blowing candles for a birthday party, these simple actions take a wee bit part of our lives. And in Great Britain, there are “money” trees scattered around its woodlands that give off a nice flashback to a mysterious yet interesting past.

Some of these strange-looking trees can be seen on the trails of the Peak District, Portmeirion and Scottish Highlands. You’ll see them right away with their distinct scaly-looking bodies; look closer and you’ll realize that these are copper and silver coins embedded in the felled tree trunks. These coins were buried deep in tree trunks centuries ago that you can even see a florin (old English coin) stuck in one of the trees in Scotland.

And why do these people knock coins in tree trunks? That’s to make their wishes come true, of course. Story tells that if a sick person stuck in a coin into a tree, their illness will be gone. Someone who pulls out the coin though, will become ill. It doesn’t hurt to depend on a coin and a tree for luck, don’t you agree?

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