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Beware of Ninjas in Prince Charles Cinema in London, England

Beware of Ninjas in Prince Charles Cinema in London, England

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So you’re sitting in the theater watching the last installment of the most epic movie saga of all time. You’re at the climax; the tension is rising, and you can feel your tears welling up…. but then a cellphone starts to ring—a Bieber ringtone, followed by the shrill voice of the loud owner who might as well answered the call in the highway. You feel like jumping out of your seat ninja-style and banging her head down with a bloody mallet.

Or something like that.

We all had our bad cinema experiences, and we know that even the slightest flicker of a LED backlight and the softest crunch of a potato chip can ruin the most precious scene of your favorite flick. But drop by Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square, London, and you’re sure to get the quietest, most peaceful and engrossing movie experience. And how? Because they got ninjas on the lookout.


You read it right. Dressed in full black bodysuits, a legion of ninjas roam Prince Charles’ theater hall, keeping an eye on popcorn-munching, iPhone fiddling, chattering offenders. Once they spot one, they jump in and strike for the kill …we wish. What they really do is just creep up, tap the reprobates on the shoulder and request for their better behavior. Proves effective, anyway.

The movie theater’s management started this odd campaign after receiving several complaints about people talking and using their gadgets while a movie is playing. Grabbing an idea coming from the company Morphsuits, they employed a pack of volunteer ninjas donning the dark skintight lycra suits that the company supplies which helps them disappear in the dark. While it’s already rewarding to be employed as a ninja, the theater compensates its shadowy volunteers with free movie watching and snacks in return for their noble efforts to maintain the peace at Prince Charles’.

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