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A Mind-Boggling Balancing Hotel in Suffolk, England

A Mind-Boggling Balancing Hotel in Suffolk, England

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While there are many unusual and even strange accommodation options in the world, some of them are extremely innovative and over the edge, offering an amazing lodging experience for those brave enough to try. Among these, the Balancing Barn Hotel is truly unique, half suspended in air in what looks like a precarious equilibrium. Designed by a Dutch firm and located in a lovely forest near the coast of Suffolk, England, the Balancing Barn Hotel is one of those places that would truly inspire people to travel.

The Balancing Barn Hotel is located close to the historical towns of Walberswick and Alderburgh in the middle of a nature reserve, the idyllic green forest reflecting from the silver tiles of its walls. Built with the purpose to facilitate communion with nature, the Balancing Barn is a true feat of architecture and engineering. Half of the long structure is floating above ground, while the other half is constructed on a small hill. The principle is quite simple: the half on ground was constructed from heavier materials compared to the other. The overall effect is exceptionally innovative.

Furnished with high-quality amenities, the Balancing Barn Hotel offers eight places in four double bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, and a living room. The rooms are located in the hovering side of the hotel equipped with large windows and a fireplace, creating a unique and charming space in the middle of nature. To make things more interesting, a swing was even installed below the hanging portion. There is really something unique about knowing you’re in a room that’s literally floating off the ground, and that’s the one unique experience only the Balancing Barn offers its guests.

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