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Amateur Bungee Jumping in Russia

Amateur Bungee Jumping in Russia

WOE Media

Wow! Did that just happen? In the short, but certainly entertaining video clip we are shown a person bungee jumping from the roof. Friends of the individual seem to be offering full support as they help the whole way. The roof seems icy, which means it must have snowed during the time. This is what could have given the people in the video the idea of creating their very own bungee jump at home. From the screaming we can hear in the video, this suggests the whole experience is ever so scary, and not forgetting to mention, life-threatening.

It seems as though the individuals certainly enjoyed what they did with the others also waiting in the cue for their turn. The action performed was ever so dangerous, which should never be done. No one could think the individual would jump so far until they actually slid from the roof and swung straight down to the ground and then again to the side. This shows some cultures maybe can go so far with the danger and even take such risks that are life threatening.

We can hear screams and laughter in the clip, the screams possibly from the individual hanging – which sounds like a girl and the laughter from the friends who are encouraging from the top of the roof. The most dangerous thing about the clip is how the rope was so strong that it took on the weight of the person jumping? That does come to a surprise, but it could also be argued that something else – that looks like a rope was in fact used. The act is extremely dangerous especially when the individual flew to the ground and started swinging sideways. From what we can see in the video, roads, houses, and vehicles were parked in the road, which could have damaged the individual or could have got damaged due to the person.

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