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9 of the Best Places to See the Midnight Sun in Norway

9 of the Best Places to See the Midnight Sun in Norway

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The midnight sun, also known as the polar day, is an unusual phenomenon that you can experience depending on how close you are to the Arctic Circle. It only happens once a year wherein you’ll be just in awe while watching the sun giving off a reddish-yellow brightness and a brilliant soft radiance in the sky. In Norway, you can visit during the peak months of June and July if you want to see the midnight sun. You can even experience it from May to August if you travel further north.

Where are the best places to experience the midnight sun? Here are the 9 spots you can check out:

1. The North Cape

A spectacular midnight sun can be viewed from the coast but it can be foggy, so it’s better if you travel inwards away from the coast to see a better view in summers.

2. The Svalbard Islands

The Svalbard Islands’ dramatic nature makes it popular for tourists despite its isolation from the Arctic Circle. You can even do more activities besides midnight sun watching, such as hiking, glacier walks, and dog sledging. Better hire a tour guide when you hike the Svalbard mountains because you might meet some of the local polar bears on the way.

3. Bodø

The seaside city of Bodø might be interesting for those who want to have a different experience – and less sleep. The city experiences a continuous daylight that might make it difficult for those who’re not used to sleeping during the day.

4. Tromsø

Tromsø is an urban city which offers attractions such as restaurants, hotels, spa, breweries, and amazing architecture. Polaria is also located here if you want to have some fun observing the arctic aquarium and watching movies abut the Northern Lights.

5. The Lofoten Islands

Island hopping around the islands of Lofoten is the best way to enjoy the breathtaking Norwegian fjords while waiting for the midnight sun. The midnight sun is visible here between the end of May and the middle of July.

6. Hammerfest

If you want to see the midnight sun almost everyday, Hammerfest is your go-to spot as the sun almost never sets during the summer months. The sun’s flat trajectory across the horizon makes the place experience over 20 hours of sunlight in a day.

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7. Hurtigruten

Although not really a town or a city, Hurtigruten is a daily passenger and freight shipping service along Norway’s western and northern coast between Bergen and Kirkenes. It travels through the Norwegian fjords and it guarantees you to see the midnight sun while having a relaxing time on the cruise ship.

8. Andenes

Want to see the midnight sun while relaxing at the beach? Then head to Andenes. Just make sure that you can take the shockingly low temperature of the water if you plan to take a dip.

9. Stø

Take a night boat at Stø to experience the midnight sun while seeing a variety of marine life, such as seals, whales and birds.

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