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5 Diving Sites You Should Visit in Kuwait

5 Diving Sites You Should Visit in Kuwait

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Have you thought of Kuwait as a diving spot? Unbelievable right? Kuwait and the rest of Middle Eastern countries won’t be left behind when it comes to places offering the world underwater adventure sites. Here are the 5 diving sites in Kuwait you should plunge in.

1. Kubbar Island

Kubbar Island is a sandy island 30 kilometers south of Kuwait and 29 kilometers off the coast of Failaka, right in the Persian Gulf. This almost circular island can also be known from its other names such as Kobar Island, Al Kubr, Kubra Island, Kuber, Jazīrat Kubār, Jazīrat al Kubr, and Ab Kubr Island. Despite its confusing names, the island is historically famous for the colonies of sea birds around its land covered in shrubs and Seidlitzia.

Kubbar island is the nearest island that you can visit from Kuwait City. The azure waters that turn green after a rainfall is enticing enough to make you pay for a short visit.

2. Umm al Maradim

Umm al Maradim island lies at the southernmost marine borders, almost near the shores of Saudi Arabia. Unlike the other islands in Kuwait, Umm al Maradim is the only island that can be reached by ships due to its deep waters. This was once a popular destination for pearl divers, but nowadays it’s visited for its migratory and sedentary birds. When diving, see yourself surrounded by schools of Blue Angels and Moon Wrasse.

3. Qaruh Island

Qaruh Island or Jazirat Qaruh Island is a favorite among fishing hobbyists and divers. The island received its name from the large amounts of qar or petroleum sediments in the area. When diving here, you can cross encounters with its underwater residents like the Trigger fish, Surgeon fish, Moray eels, and gonipora corals. Qaruh Island is the smallest among the other Kuwaiti islands and also the farthest island from the Kuwaiti mainland.

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4. Donkey Reef

The Donkey Reef is a small circular reef that is closest to Khiran. It is shallow, but that doesn’t make it less exciting. Here you can see resident turtles, puffer fish, barracudas, rays, flatheads, shrimp gobies, jawfish, and absolutely more. It’s one of those reefs that you shouldn’t underestimate!

5. Mile Reef

Just located south of Fahaheel, the 5 Mile Reef is the place for those who’re brave enough to go night diving. 12 meters alongside its reef, you can wreck-dive around an old barge. Furthermore, if you’ve decided to do a night dive, you’ll probably see sea pens and – if you’re lucky enough – you could also see sand sharks and octopuses.

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