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20 Photos Showing How China Gets Badly Covered in Smog Every Year

20 Photos Showing How China Gets Badly Covered in Smog Every Year

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China has been making it into the news lately, not only because of its relationship with its neighboring countries but mainly because of its alarming state caused by air pollution. These past few months, Chinese cities have been suffering from smog that badly reached to a red alert state. This triggered affected residents to  stay indoors, schools to stop classes, and restrict vehicle use. A total of 50 cities including Beijing and Shanghai have been experiencing alarming smog with ten of them gone under the “severe pollution” category including Tianjin,  Puyang, Xinxiang, Dezhou, Handan, Xintai, Langfang, Hengshui, Xinji, and Anyang. Nanjing even experienced a pink haze.

So far, authorities have been issuing health advisories and the issue of installing air purifiers  in classrooms is still under debate. With the public still urging the government to act faster and improve air quality, China has currently shut down 17,000 companies for pollution offenses and ordered another 28,600 to halt operations at the end of the year in hopes to quickly clear the hazardous smog.

Here are some of the scenes around China blanketed by smog through the years.



Financial Center in Shanghai

Housing Estates in Shanghai

Forbidden City

Great Wall


Tian Tian Park in Beijing

Seventeen-Arch Bridge, Beijing

Busy road in Beijing







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