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17 Photos of International Borders Around Asia

17 Photos of International Borders Around Asia

Kailey Wright

Traveling around the Southeast, the South, or East Asia is a backpacker’s dream, and whenever possible, the goal is to cover most of the areas with their feet on the ground. Taking every form of public transportation possible gives the traveler more sights to see and more adventures to create in an affordable price unlike air travel.

However, traveling by land doesn’t mean you’ll get away from immigration offices and borders. Some borders may look like your typical fenced land, some have unique structures, some look worthy enough to be in a postcard, and some are lost in the middle of nowhere. Take a look at the 17 borders you’ll find around Asia.

1. Singapore-Malaysia

2. Malaysia-Thailand

3. Thailand-Cambodia

4. Cambodia-Vietnam

5. Laos-Cambodia

6. Thailand-Laos

7. Laos-China

8. Myanmar-China

9. China-Bhutan

10. Bangladesh-India

11. India-Pakistan

12. Nepal-China

13. China-Mongolia

14. Pakistan-China

15. China-North Korea

16. North Korea-South Korea

17. Pakistan-Afghanistan

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