What Can $1 Buy Around the World [Infographic]

Photo via alexinwonderland.com
Photo via alexinwonderland.com

Don’t think you can get very far on a single dollar any more? Think again. When Lonely Planet asked its readers what $1 can buy in their neighborhood, the answers were astounding. Sure, one hour of parking may not seem all that extravagant, but as it turns out, in certain parts of our world, a lonely Washington can get you an unlimited meal, a pretty serious back massage, and even an entire bottle of wine.

So if you’re curious to find out where in the world you can stretch your savings, check out our infographic to find out what one US dollar can buy around the world.

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  • BCL1

    How about 2 hours of labor in China (or 4 hours of labor in India)? That’s why US jobs are going there.

  • Matt

    I don’t know where you are getting your shwarma in Dubai…but I’d like to know. Everywhere I’ve been it is about $3-5 USD.

  • Juan

    Canary Islands are not a country but a region from Spain.

    • Guillaume

      just like Faroe Islands which belong to Denmark, or England which is only a part of the United Kingdom…

  • http://greenglobaltravel.com Emma@GreenGlobalTravel

    Amazing how far a dollar can go around the world. It really gives you a new perspective!

  • Ian

    I checked the source and it is a half-assed survey from Lonely Planet, in which anyone can submit an answer. I’m not impressed. A re-usable metro card in Korea costs the equivalent to $2.50 (or one way costs a little more than $1) and a mask pack by itself costs the equivalent to $1. Not sure about the others, but I would guess they are equally untrustworthy answers.

    WOE, please, spend more time on the content, not the way you present it.

  • Rosalind


  • Kyle

    The Italy one is nonsense. Where are you getting a 0.75 Euro ($1) bottle of wine? Considering the other comments, I’d bet most of these are inaccurate.

    • Collin

      When I was in Venice there were several places to buy a gallon of wine for one Euro. A gallon. i’m certain you can buy a bottle for a dollar.

      • Raj

        Yes I also got a litre of wine for one euro at prague in 2011

  • Dibbers

    You won’t get anywhere near 1/2 a litre of diesel for 1USD in the UK any more.
    Sounds like most of this page is rubbish from previous comments

  • Teri

    There are still places in India where you can buy two meals like that, not just one, for a dollar.

  • http://www.elsalvadorcustomtours.com Fernando

    1 dollar will buy you one liter of gas in El Salvador. 1 dollar can also buy 16 regular size breads or 7 eggs or 25 thick salvadorean tortillas. http://www.elsalvadorcustomtours.com

  • TD M

    I don’t know where they found one dollar ice cream in Croatia but I would like to know because when I was there 2 years ago, it was quite expensive! It was the best ice cream I had ever had, but it was not one dollar…..more like $10 US for 2 scoops. What surprised me was a 1 scoop was $5 and 2 scoops was double that, $10. Here if it was $5 for one scoop, it would be $7 for 2. They doubled the price!

    • Paige

      I was there April 2014 and in tourist spots like Dubrovnik $5 seemed about normal, but in the capital Zagreb I had plenty of $1 scoops. It depends a lot on the area and the demand.

  • riya


  • Nguyen DInh Hieu

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  • Nicole King

    What do you mean by a “stick of cigarettes”? In the UK one pound will buy you two cigarettes, if you’re foolish enough to smoke.