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You’ll be Amazed by this Crazy Footage of Spain’s Human Tower Competition

You’ll be Amazed by this Crazy Footage of Spain’s Human Tower Competition

WOE Media

It looks like Spanish people surely know how to compete; at least that is what we can see in this video clip. In the video clip we can see how many teams are participating in a tower competition where the people are the ones competing and the ones used to build a tower. Each group seems to be competing on who can build a longer tower or maybe in this case, which tower stays up the longest. The population is amazing and the crowd seems to be going wild watching the performance.

We can see the start is brilliant for everyone and the teams surely know what they are doing as well as their hand and eye coordination skills. However, it looks they have to practice a little with their balance as this is what seems to be the problem with all except one team. All teams are up and the crowd is colorful and cheering for the one they would like to win. Then, all of a sudden one team drops, then another, then another, until there is finally one standing who wind the competition.

When the first group of people drops, this alerts the others and the little kids who are also part of the competition seem to race down so they do not drop and/or get injured – clever! Parents are delighted to have their kids back into their arms and safe from the competition. Slowly, slowly all teams drop until there is only one standing – who in the end wins. This video clip shows how Spanish people love their competition and how the Spanish audience loves their action and entertainment. However the activity was a little unsafe as ambulances came at the end taking some people with them. No matter how joyful and vibrant the activity is, it does take guts and a potential risk of falling and getting injured.

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