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Withdraw gold from an ATM in Dubai

Withdraw gold from an ATM in Dubai

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You’ll never know when you’re gonna be needing some bling. A German company’s got you covered with a shining new invention: the Gold to Go machine, the first-ever gold vending machine found in Dubai Mall, UAE.

Guarded by armored guards, this glittering ATM spits out 24-karat gold in 320 different forms, from gold bars and coins to wearable jewelry, in varying weights. The customer simply has to operate a touch screen to make his selection, pay with cash or credit, and watch his booty pop out of the machine packaged in a sweet-looking black case.

Ex Oriente Lux, inventor of Gold to Go, programmed the machine to refigure its prices every 10 minutes to reflect the latest market values. CEO Thomas Giessler also said that their major market would be walk-ups attracted by the novelty as well as investors who want to bypass transactions in pawnshops.

Gold to Go has become so much of a hit, this machine in Dubai Mall needed to be replenished twice a week from its release in 2010. Ex Oriente Lux has now planted hundreds more of those machines in high class hubs of major cities worldwide. By what it seems, gold truly never loses its glimmer.

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