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The Eyecandy Visual Guides to Italian Hand Gestures

The Eyecandy Visual Guides to Italian Hand Gestures

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Italy has been a popular destination for the fashion-obsessed as it is home to many of the world’s known designer brands. Moreover, from Milan to Venice, fashion weeks are part of expected annual events to feed the enthusiasts’ and critiques’ style cravings with the freshest releases. Italian men aren’t exempted to the fashion culture of this country which makes them (most of the time) seen as the fearless ones when it comes to the art of dressing up.

Another thing that is totally Italian in the world’s eyes is the locals’ use of hand gestures. Italian hand gestures enhance the expressions words alone can’t deliver. What makes non-Italians more curious about this practice is how Italians can use about 250 hand gestures daily just to express how they feel from hunger to amusement.

Now combine stylish Italian men doing Italian hand gestures, that’s something else right? So far there are two crash course videos featuring models as your eye-catching gesture tutors.

Mr. Porter’s guide entitled Alla Mano can be literally translated as “(a tribute) to the hand” but can also mean “easy going”. The guide is inspired by the Supplemento al dizionario italiano, a beginners’ guide to the fine art of the Italian hand gesture created by the Milanese graphic designer Mr. Bruno Munari in 1958.

And there’s another one featuring Dolce & Gabbana’s male models if you want to learn more. Yes, learn… seriously. Well, it’s up to you. Have fun!

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