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Talk Like a Moose, Act Like a Moose in Maine’s Moose Calling Championship

Talk Like a Moose, Act Like a Moose in Maine’s Moose Calling Championship

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The art of moose calling is all about being able to attract the animal using their own language. The more authentic the call, the better the chances are at getting the moose’s attention and receiving a prize permit for the moose hunting season in Maine’s Moose Calling Championship. The competition is a very important event for many seasoned hunters, enthusiasts, and guides throughout the state. It consists of top callers from regional events who will have the chance to move to the final national level.

The judging consists of four categories: (1) the bull moose call, (2) the cow moose call, (3) other attraction techniques, and (4) presentation showmanship. The competition doesn’t plainly show someone imitating a moose call. Every contestant performs their own unique techniques on stage like bringing in props, imitating a moose’s movements in the bushes, as well as the sounds of their walks and other activities.

Only a few hunters can get permit licenses to ensure that the resource of the moose population is sustainable. Permit lotteries are held after the competition to put the people’s moose-calling skills to use during the September to November hunting season. Yearly, there are around 50,000 applicants who wish their luck, but only 3,725 individuals can get permits.

Maine’s Moose Calling Championship is no doubt one of the most exciting events in the state.

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