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See What the World Has Been Googling About Your Country Through This Infographic

See What the World Has Been Googling About Your Country Through This Infographic

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You might hate articles that tell you what to expect in a country or city like the ones that tell you how you’d probably hate New York (even if you haven’t stepped in it yet), or ones that will enumerate the shocking things you’ll encounter in Brazil or Canada. You squeal with burning eyes as you read the lines indicating such stereotypes. For sure, not all stereotypes are true, but let’s just say, they exist for a reason. True or not, there’s some point when almost everyone has observed these qualities in the country’s majority and even Google can prove these words are what everyone is thinking – and searching., a cost-estimating website, created a map with each country marked with the most common thing people think about it. You know those how much-questions in Google? That’s what they used and this time, they looked for the first autocomplete entry when the words “how much does a ________ cost in <insert name of the country>” are typed in the engine’s search box.

The results are made into an infographic that’s either surprising or undeniably funny but could be true. Here are the first things that people around the world are curious about in their countries when it comes to prices – from the reasonable to just plain weird.

In North America, it seems like many people are aware about the American patent laws and curious if getting your tummy tucked in Mexico is really worth it. People looked for wedding costs in the Bahamas while others looked for divorce rates in Trinidad and Tobago.

In South America, Google searchers seem to look for Panama hats in Ecuador. Costs of living in Peru and Paraguay are top searches and when it comes to deaths, Guyana seems like the place to be for funerals. But what is living without having fun? Google users search for beer costs in Argentina while Brazil gets most costs searches about prostitutes.

Searches tell that there are many people around the world who are interested in flying a MiG (a Russian fighter aircraft) in Russia. Some are interested about BMW prices in Germany and some are curious with croissant costs in France. Beer looks like a hit in Iceland, Belgium, Turkey, Estonia, Czech Rep and Slovakia (not sure if the infographic purposely joined the two countries again). Food costs is a first in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan while Ferrari in Italy and nose jobs in Albania are on the lead. Priorities, priorities.

When it comes to Asia, for some reason, people are interested in buying cows in India and Bangladesh while other people want to buy camels in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel. A lot wanted to know how much is a maid in Singapore and prostitutes in Hong Kong and Thailand. Known as a popular country for plastic surgeries, South Korea isn’t surprised to get rhinoplasty cost searches. However, of all the odd things happening in Japan, we’re not sure why people are curious about the cost of watermelons in that country.

Do you agree with what’s shown in this Infographic?. You can leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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