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Rouketopolemos – The Rocket War of the Greek Island of Chios

Rouketopolemos – The Rocket War of the Greek Island of Chios

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Regardless of how many firework displays you have been to, you never will have seen such an amazing display such as this! Once celebrated many years ago, the festival consists of two villages firing rocket fireworks from the tops of the roof, which are covered in mesh wiring. Both displays come together as one and create a gigantic rocket war in the sky. During the event, people are watching many amazing displays in the air whilst others are out on private events enjoying their day out.

This festival is something that was celebrated many years ago, which is a pleasure to bring back and celebrate once more. We all love to watch fireworks, but watching ones like the ones in the video clip is an amazing experience altogether. The guys launching the rockets seem to be aware of the risks as they are taking precaution with the necessary scarfs around their mouth, etc. The festival seems to be amazing, but it can clearly be seen why it was done so many years ago and is not done so much now.

No matter how lovely the fire rockets may seem once they are in the air, the activity is actually quite risky, especially because of the fact that it doesn’t take long for rockets to turn or change direction. The most risky thing is that the rockets are launched sideways and not up in the air. This means they could have gone into many buildings or possibly even the people living nearby. The rockets are seen been fired right across the sky, but what we do not see or know is where they fall or land. During the event, many people could be out enjoying themselves or in their own minds out in the garden and the elements of the rocket could come and land straight in front of them or even on to them.

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