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Road Rage Out of Russia That’s More Funny Than Scary

Road Rage Out of Russia That’s More Funny Than Scary

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A lot of Russian drivers have dashboard cameras and for good reason. There’s a lot of inattentive (or inept) drivers on the roads. And an almost equal number of criminals that commit a popular insurance scam; where the scammer cuts in front of a vehicle and suddenly breaks – making it look like the victim was at fault by not keeping a safe driving distance. Possibly it’s that kind of accident that the driver shown here was trying to provoke. Then again it could be a result of something that happened earlier off-camera.

Either way, no one was expecting to see what happened next, especially not the passengers of this trailing car. Though at first, they wanted to just drive around, they were very happy they stayed. Even thanking the bruised man for providing them with the late-night entertainment. Check out the video, courtesy of EGoZa AS.

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