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Parkour in India: Life-threatening Train Edition

Parkour in India: Life-threatening Train Edition

WOE Media

We can see in this video a bunch of south-Indian boys hanging from a moving train performing acts that are risky and life threatening. However, regardless of how dangerous it looks, they seem to be enjoying it. The clip starts with such sudden action that the viewer is forced to keep watching. The boys look like they are in their late teens and also seem to be Asian. However, because of the moving train this is a little unclear.

The boys are confidently hanging from the train and climbing on to walls, hi-fiving buildings and even attempting to climb on objects they go past. Depending on your way of life you would see this as very risky behavior, but it looks like no one did in that situation. We know this because no one once came from their seat to stop the boys from such action. However, it could also be argued that the train was empty, which is why the boys were performing such lunatic acts.

Everything about the clip is ever so dangerous and something that should be acceptable in no culture or place whatsoever. Regardless of how trained or active the boys are, anything could have happened. It seems to be three guys in total, with the first performing the most dangerous acts of them all. The other two do follow behind, but not so much as the first fellow. The most dangerous stunt is when the guy attempts to climb on the building or when all three slide to the floor; still holding onto the train. This is obviously seen as acceptable behavior in certain cultures as this isn’t something that can be practiced overnight and must have been happening many times. Clearly someone would have seen this behavior, which they obviously haven’t reported or taken much notice off.

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