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Chase After Cheese: The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Race

Chase After Cheese: The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Race

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A pack of grown men tumbling down a pretty steep hill in pursuit of a roll of homemade cheese? Only the Brits could come up with a sport like this one.

It’s true—year by year thousands gather to watch this oddball of events that’s been around since the 1800’s. Participants begin at the foot of the hill and race up to the top for the preliminary competition. Then an 8-pound wheel of Double Gloucester Cheese—the ultimate prize of the affair —is thrown from the top, and everyone chases after it. It’s dangerous, it’s messy, it’s brutal, but it’s fun.

Generations upon generations of competitors suffered serious injuries due to Cheese Rolling

However, this doesn’t stop hardcore fans and upholders of tradition to bring the race to a standstill. In fact, when the race was cancelled in 2010 due to safety measures, the enthusiasts themselves took over the event and organized an unofficial Cheese Rolling Event to maintain this ancient, unbroken chain of tradition.

Granma Diana Smart was recently threatened by the police to stop producing her exquisite Double Glucester Cheese Rolls, which were used by the event for 25 years, in an attempt to ban the Cheese Rolling for good.

Meanwhile, unofficial event organizers, to help Granma Smart off the trouble, began using a styrofoam wheel instead “for safety reasons”. As if the cheese was the most dangerous part of the event.

That’s Britain for you, friends.

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