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Live Out A Movie Scene In London’s Secret Cinema

Live Out A Movie Scene In London’s Secret Cinema

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“Tell no one.”

In this secret production, set in a secret location, themed with a secret film of choice, you’ll experience movies like you never had before. Called the “screen saver”, Secret Cinema takes film into a whole new level by actually bringing it to life and inviting viewers to become participants in the scenes of the movie themselves.

Upon signing up to the event, guests will receive a cryptic email containing clues about which movie will be shown, as well as directions on where the event will take place and what clothes to wear. Once they arrive at the venue, they’ll find ordinary buildings and sites transformed into an amazing, interactive movie set. Experiences vary from walking into scenes where actors perform lines in the film to actually participating as an extra in a realistically portrayed fictional situation.

Beginning in 2007, when the Secret Cinema was born, fans have gotten stripped and put into prison cells, depicted scenes from The Shawshank Redemption, danced the night away in Saturday Night Fever, and boarded a spaceship in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Secret Cinema has transformed a warehouse into the dystopian city of Blade Runner, an abandoned school house into the mental institute from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest—all in an effort to create a new cinematic experience beyond the mundane sitting in front of a screen.

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Fabien Riggall, founder of Secret Cinema, makes it a point that in every production, they push the experience a little further beyond what they did. Recently, there have been plans to hold a “Secret Hotel”, to further immerse guests through an overnight stint. Despite some of the outrageous things the staff and the actors have been making their guests do, no one has ever demanded a refund. In fact, Secret Cinema has gained even more popularity, and is now accommodating more than 25,000 people per night.

You can sign up for a show online at Secret Cinema runs once a month in London, and has now expanded to New York, Paris, and Athens.

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