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If You Think Your Footie Club is Badass, Watch These Kids in Indonesia Playing Fire Football

If You Think Your Footie Club is Badass, Watch These Kids in Indonesia Playing Fire Football

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We might have heard youngsters trying to bend it like Beckham, but it’s a totally different story for the boys of Indonesia. The boys Indonesia play fire football, which consists of a coconut soaked in some kerosene… Now that’s dangerous!

The sport seems to be a famous sport played in Indonesia, as there are no objections to the kids carrying out the activity. Instead, it seems as though they are being given full support and encouragement to carry on playing.

It takes guts to kick a fiery coconut football and the boys of Indonesia surely show they have this as they are playing like professionals and without the fear of the burning heat. The activity does have a lot of risk as the fire can easily spread if it comes into contact with the wrong substances.

Also, the fellows have a risk of injury and getting burnt, but it looks as though this is the last thing on their mind. As well as the heat the boys seem to withstand the hard surface of the coconut too, which takes some true skill! The sport seems to be a passion for the boys, which explains and demonstrated to how much they are willing to take the many risks associated with it.

The activity shows the true strength behind the Indonesian boys who surely have the strength and confidence to play. People like you and I would think kicking a coconut on its own asks for some confidence and strength, but one that is set on fire surely takes some enthusiast to kick!

The risky thing about the game is that the youngsters are playing barefooted. The youngsters seem to be enjoying the game and as mentioned in the video – they are far more worried about worrying for the word cup event…

Now that’s impressive!

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