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Culture Shocked Japan: How the Japanese Reserve their Spot for Sporting Events

Culture Shocked Japan: How the Japanese Reserve their Spot for Sporting Events

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TIL Japanese people are so good at lining up, they don’t even have to queue.

Hats off to the people of Japan who are indeed so good at lining up that they really don’t have to queue! After watching this amazing video, I’m sure you would also be amazed and wowed at the cleverness of Japanese culture…

It’s just wow! This certainly does not happen anywhere else, which is a shame, because if it did, things would be so much easier and less, let’s say pushy, as that’s how things tend to be with most queues!

It’s so clever and creative and with this incredible notion, people can come at any time they want on the day, even if there’s five minutes till the game. Someone who would be going back of the queue somewhere may actually be amongst the first five in Japan!

What the Japanese have performed not only maintains peace and harmony amongst everyone present, but also shows the peace and happiness behind the culture. It shows how important everyone matters and is a lovely notion, which will hopefully free them from any fights, arguments, or quarrels on the day of the event.

Something like this is indeed brilliant and can work for multi-purposes such as events, concerts, games, and even for seats to live performances. It gives the people much time to get them organized and visit the event any time before to make sure they leave their mark before the event.

This concept is extremely helpful and easy as it’s during events like these individuals usually have to go through constant rushes and pushes to get in front. Regardless how many signboards may be up; people still cannot get enough of pushing and shoving and always fail to form a straight line.

We just hope the Japanese culture also has brilliant memory to remember their number as that’s when it’ll be fun and surely worth it!

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