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Culture Shocked Australia: Kangaroo Street Fight in the Suburbs

Culture Shocked Australia: Kangaroo Street Fight in the Suburbs

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The internet is filled with fight videos. You see different fight videos from thugs fighting in the hood, to MMA fighters swinging recklessly inside a cage. Now, let’s admit that everybody loves to see fight videos. What drives the internet nuts is sex and violence. And if you believe that you’ve seen it all, maybe it is time that you look at this five minute video.

In this particular video, it isn’t two people slugging it out, but Mother Nature’s creation fighting in a weird suburban location. Two kangaroos boxing in a neighborhood in Australia might just be the weirdest video you’ll see this week.

What made these kangaroos pick a fight with each other in a suburban location of all places? Complete with operatic music, the video starts off with two Kangaroos standing erect kicking and punching each other in this 5 minute video. How the kangaroos ended up in this part of Australia is still unknown, but it is 5 minutes well spent! It isn’t every day that you will see Kangaroos fight each other, unless if you live a life like the crocodile hunter in the Australian outback.

The duration of the video gives us a glimpse of what animals have to do in order to establish dominance over the other. Could it be that the Kangaroos are fighting over a female? Looking at the video, you’ll notice that the Kangaroos try to maintain their balance on their tail trying to knock the other kangaroo as they punch and kick each other.

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