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China’s Heaven-Linking Avenue in Tianmen Mountain

China’s Heaven-Linking Avenue in Tianmen Mountain

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Also known as the Big Gate Road, the Heaven-Linking Avenue in Tianmen Mountain of Hunan, China, gives motorists one hell of a ride.

With a total of 99 hairpin turns, the Heaven-Linking Avenue is believed to symbolize heaven, which Chinese culture believes has 9 places. But despite this mystical belief, this serpentine road is still practically the most dangerous road in all of China. Imagine driving this twisting mountain road uphill from 200 meters below sea level to a steep 1300 meters above sea level, passing through 99 sharp bends along the way. For sure, that increases the chances you’ll wind up in heaven in your car.

If you’re not up to that risk, there’s always a cable car flying from of Zhangjiajie City to the top of Tianmen Mountain. At 7455 meters in length, the Chinese claim it to be the longest cable way in the world.

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