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Walk The World’s Most Dangerous Pathway

Walk The World’s Most Dangerous Pathway

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Seeking thrill in Spain? Look no further than crossing El Caminito del Rey or “the King’s Little Pathway” near the southern village of Alora. At the moment, it’s known as the most dangerous walkway in the world, but unfortunately it won’t be for long.

The path measures only a meter in width and crosses the rock face over a hundred meters above the river below, connecting the two waterfalls Chorro and Gaitanejo. Named after King Alfonso XIII who walked the path himself, it was originally built to transport materials during the construction of the hydroelectric power plants in 1901. Over the years, it has severely deteriorated: concrete has worn off, leaving only the steel interior frame intact on some parts of the path. Though the local government has restricted the area, some daring adventurers still dare to cross the entire 3-kilometer length of the path, making it a very popular extreme vacations attraction.

Recently, some renovations have started to convert El Caminito del Rey into a safer tourist destination. In three years’ time, the path will be adorned with hand rails, protective barriers, lighting, and even a visitor’s center. One thing’s for sure: it won’t be the world’s most dangerous pathway anymore. So better get to it while it lasts.

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