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Splash Out at Beijing’s Water Cube

Splash Out at Beijing’s Water Cube

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Inside this humongous block of bubble wrap is Asia’s largest and “happiest” water park complex.

The Beijing Water Cube, or as the Chinese fondly call it, the Happy Magic Water Cube, has been around since 2008 for the Beijing Summer Olympics, where two dozen fantastic world records were made. Since then, China’s National Aquatics Center has now been opened as a public water theme park.

Spanning 6,000 square meters, the Water Cube features more than 15 crazy attractions including the funnel-shaped Tornado slide, the ultra-waterslide Aqualoop, and the Bulletbowl, which shoots you down a pipe into a large bowl. It also has a huge wave pool and a lazy river that winds around the complex.

Each structure in the Water Cube was designed abroad in Australia and shipped into Beijing, a project totaling a whopping $200 million. The bubble wrap casing is actually a green solution which allows the building more light and heat using minimal energy for maintenance. The Water Cube also collects rainwater through the roof and outer surfaces, recycling up to 10,000 tons for pool use.

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The eye-catching Beijing Water Cube (National Aquatic Center) is located inside the Olympic Park, right beside the equally conspicuous Bird’s Nest (National Stadium). Adult entrance fee is at $33 (200 Yuan).

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