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A Pub Inside South Africa’s Biggest and Oldest Baobab Tree

A Pub Inside South Africa’s Biggest and Oldest Baobab Tree

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In the land of Limpopo in the northernmost province of South Africa, there lies a mythical tree that stands for around 6,000 years. The baobab tree looks unusual as its kind possesses branches that point skyward, making them look like growing upside-down. But other than being the biggest (girth and height of 47m by 22m) and oldest tree in the country, the Sunland Baobab is also known as a local pub.

The pub was created in 1933 when the owners Doug and Heather van Heerden cleared the compost from the central trunk to make way for a door and installed a railway sleeper for the bar. With a 108-foot circumference and 13-foot ceiling, the pub can accommodate up to 15 seats.

In the farm where the baobab tree stands, you can also see a palm and bamboo nursery, mango and avocado plantation, and 5 chalets called “jungalows” that can accommodate 20 people.

Other than taking a break in the Sunland Baobab, you can also go to nearby places like the Modjadji Cycad Reserve, Magoebaskloof’s mountain trail and waterfalls, and Kruger International Park. If you want to see the tree flowers bloom, you can visit at the start of spring every September.

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