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Go Cheese Crazy in Latin America’s Only Public Dairy Farm and Cheese Cellar

Go Cheese Crazy in Latin America’s Only Public Dairy Farm and Cheese Cellar

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Attention cheese lovers. A 100-year-old cheese paradise sits near the town of Ojos Negros, 20 miles south of Ensenada, Mexico. If you want to meet cows, taste varieties of cheese from the mildest to the most pungent and know how cheese is made; head straight to Rancho La Campana, the home of the only cheese cellar open to public: La Cava de Marcelo.

The business started by the Holstein family in 1911 and later, the family farm was built in 2008 with 60 acres of land in the valley of Real de Castillo. The more than 200 cows are taken care of by feeding them grass, alfalfa, corn, grain and fresh water so expect to get that all-natural yummy cheese that you can’t easily grab from the supermarket. You can get varieties like creamy, fresh basil, rosemary, and pepper and olive oil.

When you start the tour, you’ll first see the cows walking freely and happily around the farm. See selected cows at the milking station where they are milked just six at a time and free from antibiotics. Next, visit the small processing rooms where they make cheese all free from additives. Go 100 feet below ground and feel the coldness of the space filled up with cheese closets storing types of cheese aged from four months to three years.

Other than the tour around the ranch and inside the cheese cellar, guests are welcome to have taste samples of all the cheese collection and finally wrap up the tour with the best part: lunch matched with locally-crafted beer.

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