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Eat Out at the World’s First Automated Restaurant

Eat Out at the World’s First Automated Restaurant

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Tired of rude waiters who spill your food and oblige you for a tip? That ain’t a problem in this restaurant.

In ‘s Baggers, an innovative restaurant in Nuremberg, Germany, waiters are the thing of the past. Customers simply order food via a touchscreen on their table, and their orders reach them from the kitchen by sliding down a rail of long, looping metal tracks. It’s the future of eating out, and it’s pretty awesome.

Upon entering the restaurant, guests are given a card where all their order information will be stored. They can insert this card in the reader connected to the touchscreen and begin to select their orders.

Food arrives promptly right in front of them color-coded according to their seating arrangement. After the meal, they can evaluate their meals, the service, and ambiance of the restaurant through the touchscreen. They can even send an e-mail or SMS to recommend the restaurant to friends.

While waiters are being replaced by robots and machinery, real live human chefs remain intact in the kitchens. Food is excellently prepared, made from fresh organic ingredients sourced from the local Franconia region. There’s a new menu every week, which brings people coming in for more.

The only bad thing about this restaurant is probably the fact that reservations are always full. So if you’re hankering for a futuristic flair to your dinner, make a quick booking through the restaurant’s official website.

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