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Meet the 300 free-range rabbits of Rabbit Island, Japan

Meet the 300 free-range rabbits of Rabbit Island, Japan

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Only after World War II did the secret spill: Ōkunoshima, located in the Inland Sea of Japan between Hiroshima and Shikoku, was the top-secret site for manufacturing chemical warfare. When the factories were closed down, a number of exotic wild rabbits were seen freely roaming the island. They were assumed to have been the test subjects for the chemical weapons, which the military failed to eradicate when the factory was demolished.

Now these fluffy bunnies are the island’s main inhabitants. Their population has grown to over 300 and counting, affectionately preserved by the tourism board by banning the entrance of any cats, dogs, or other potential predators from the 700,000 square-meter island. They can be found in any corner, and are very friendly. They flock over and hop on to laps of those who got grub. A resort hotel even began selling rabbit pellets to guests to boost the island’s tourism since the story broke out and went viral over the internet.

Though some people doubt whether the island has been cleared of health hazards in light of its toxic past, this does not stop scores of bunny-lovers from enjoying their holidays surrounded by the furry populace of Rabbit Island.

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