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Australian Adventurer Teaches How to Hunt Rabbits Using Venomous Snakes

Australian Adventurer Teaches How to Hunt Rabbits Using Venomous Snakes

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How do you plan to catch your lunch? For a boring person, you’d probably just head to your fridge and then cook your meal. For the busy person, most likely, you will just go to a restaurant and eat there.

For this guy named Andrew Ucles, he plans to do it the hard way. A legit wild man who has a taste for hunting, he shared one of his clever techniques how to catch a rabbit. If you’ll check out his site, it says “We are all born wild, but it is a choice to be tame”. After reading that first line, I have to say you can expect the unexpected from this modern day hunter gatherer.

When catching a rabbit, what do you think is the most logical way to do it? Do you set up a trap? Do you catch it with your barehands? Or maybe, you shoot it down with BB guns? For Andrew Ucles, why not do it using snakes? Yes, venomous snakes. What if the venomous catches you instead? No big deal according to Andrew, you just have to bring a first aid kit. Yeah right.

Now, this guy has the four snakes in his knapsack. He decided to first set up the trap for the rabbit. He found the rabbit holes and placed nets which would trap the rabbits. Now, for the tricky part, he placed one snake on each hole where the rabbits are potentially hiding. He then decided to sit and wait for the rabbit to get out of the hole since snakes are now lurking on its hole.

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