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Dine In This Funny Erotic Restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Dine In This Funny Erotic Restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

In the country wherein eating your food in a toilet-bowl or dining in an all-carton restaurant is nothing new, a sex-themed restaurant doesn’t only tease the 18 and up visitors’ humor but also their appetite.

The Funny Sex Restaurant is located at Kaohsiung City in the south-western region of Taiwan. Take note that this isn’t a sex club nor a porn set but a restaurant that just knows how to serve sex in a hilarious way.

As you enter the restaurant, a mini-shrine with a huge wooden phallus will greet you. If you go to the washroom, don’t be shocked if you suddenly see breasts attached on the wall; those are soap dispensers (you’ll know what to press).  Sit, order and have a blow-up doll hang-out with you while you wait for your eroticized food that could be something like a penis-shaped pudding or a hot milky soup in a breast-shaped bowl. This restaurant also sells shirts, lingerie, and other eroticized items like toothpicks, sleep masks and chopsticks.

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This could be another restaurant that’ll make say “WTF” but why not? Sex is funny.

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