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hen On Earth is always searching for interesting travel-related content. If you know of a cool place to visit, a thing to do, or super-awesome travel item, please send in any links, photos, or videos you think we should look at.

We’re particularly grateful to tourism organizations, event organizers, hotel staff, artists, retailers, and photographers that submit original content to When On Earth.

Here are the topics we’re actively looking for:

  • Cool festivals.
  • Bucket-list type tours.
  • Cutting edge and interesting travel gear.
  • Awesome competitions and events.
  • Splendid art exhibitions.
  • Majestic architecture and engineering feats you have to see to believe.
  • Unique bars, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Fun amusement park areas and incredible attractions.
  • Marvelous natural wonders from around the planet.
  • Neat travel hacks that save time, money, and headaches.

To send in your submissions, please email us at [email protected].