Travel Hack #9 How to access the internet while traveling

October 14, 2013

Admit it: you can’t survive anywhere without the internet.

Bet Vint Cerf never had it coming that your personal life, financial status, and emotional well-being would be utterly dependent on his invention. Especially for travelers whose priority is to make all things portable, the internet is an indispensible means of income and communication which just cannot be compromised. While more and more internet hubs are popping up everywhere, we just can’t escape the occasional nuisance in the form of inflated charges, online traffic, limited connectivity, and interrupted connections, among others, so it’s best to stay prepared.

Whether you’re on a cruise ship or a plane, in a hotel lounge or out in the streets, here are 10 tips from Brien Posey of TechRepublic on how to get the best of internet connectivity while traveling.

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