Learn Wilderness Awareness and Survival Skills At Maine Primitive Skills School

June 21, 2014

Building fire, hunting food, finding shelter, and staying safe from large predators are the basic skills that you need in order to stay alive in the wilderness. The question is — do you have these skills? No one wants to get into the jungle just to get lost, but no one knows what could happen during camping and hiking trips. That’s why there are training centers like the Maine Primitive Skills School to teach you how to survive in these unexpected events.

Maine Primitive Skills School offers practical courses in wilderness survival, awareness, foraging, scout, tracking and even philosophy. Attending such classes won’t be a waste of time and money as these practical skills can be used not just when you’re lost in the wilderness, but even in other occasions like camping. These classes are also helpful in case of calamities when there’s an outage, stores are unavailable, and your last resort is to search for food in the woods.

Aside from workshops and classes, you can also join camps and trips that will allow you to apply what you’ve learned.

You’ll experience being one with nature when you get into these classes. You’ll learn how to read landscape to easily track your shelter and resources like food and water. You’ll also learn how to search for the right materials in making fire. All are done under the supervision of outdoor survival experts.

Once you’ve learned all these wilderness awareness and survival skills, camping and hiking activities will be more exciting as you can handle yourself and the team better. Even if you get lost, you’ll surely survive and come out of the jungle in good shape.

Featured Image: Maine Primitive Skills