Navigate The Metro with DesignHype’s Metal Cuffs

April 1, 2014

Never go nuts anymore looking for metro maps in your local or destination city. A US-based product design company, DesignHype has made navigation easier for people on-the-go by creating stainless steel cuffs embossed with subway and street maps.

The Metro Cuffs available so far have metro maps of 9 major cities: NYC, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, Brooklyn, London, Paris, Berlin, and Milan. You could even choose if you want the map to be in black, cyan, tangerine, red, violet, blue, matte embossed or embossed. Available colors vary for each city’s Metro Cuff.

Good to buy as your travel guide and as a souvenir, these Metro Cuffs are made to be as handy as your classic wristwatch. Standard size is 2″ D + 2″ W and costs $37.

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Image from DesignHype Inc

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Featured Image: DesignHype Inc.