The Holy “Grayl” That Will Keep Your Water Purified Wherever You Are

April 24, 2014

The first thing travelers worry about when away is, “Is the water safe in here?” or “Where’s the nearest store where I can buy bottled water?”. Being uncomfortable with the available drinking water in another place when traveling always happens and the only thing to stop this is not by buying bottled water, but to get yourself a trusted water filter and purifier all in a well-designed stainless-steel bottle. That’s the Grayl.

The Grayl kills the bothersome squeezing, sucking and pumping processes that the usual purifiers and filters require before you can quench your thirst. It’s all in a classy container with all the mechanisms inside and all you need to do is fill up the lower chamber with water and press the upper chamber down to it, just like how you do your coffee with a French press.

Another cool thing about this bottle is its lid. You don’t have to worry about getting water spilled in your backpacks with its flip-lock and you can forget about that “glug glug” sound while drinking, thanks to its pressure release valve. You’ll even feel like you’re drinking straight from a glass with the Grayl’s simple lid design.

When you purchase a bottle, you can either get one with a filter only or a combined filter and purifier. Each replaceable cartridge lets you save 300 plastic water bottles.

Visit The Grayl to know more.

Photo via: Next Adventure

Photo via: Snarky Nomad

Photo via: Snarky Nomad

Photo via: The Dieline

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